Create your sustainable brand in an easy way with TheiShare

Get sustainable exposure!

Become your own operator or donate your (old) bike to an existing operator. Let’s try to explain what this can mean for people and for cities

Sustainable lifecycle of bikes to boost cities or communities

Our service enables very accessible sustainable advertising. This is a concept where potential customers use some product(s) branded by companies for free or at super cheap price. Whenever consumers use branded products, it increases awareness about the company. 

TheiShare vision is based on sustainability. We have come up with an idea where assets can be shared and reused by anyone. Those who share can get the maximum exposure anywhere they choose with very little effort.

Our technology creates job opportunities for locals and provide on demand public transport at cheap rates says Junaid, creator of theiShare

Quick Comparison

Assumption: If a city has a population of 1Million and 100K travel every day and everyone sees an advertisement for at least 10 times a day. 

If bikes are properly maintained by operators then bikes can stay on roads at least 2 years but let’s assume 365days  lifetime of bike. 

If one bike with TheiShare lock costs 3000 SEK. With a 70K budget at least 23 bikes with Theishare locks will be bought. 

TheiShare impression would be 23bikes*365days*12(rents a day)*100K*10

  Billboard or put ads on public transport or stations Online Media like Facebook, google etc. TheiShare sustainable advertisement
Budget  70K per week  70K per week  70K (lifetime)
Impression(s) Minimum 7Million impression per week Minimum 7 billion impression during campaign  Minimum 1 Trillion impressions during one year
Viewers benefit None None Viewers may rent bikes
Local Job creation None None Jobs for operators, they can maintain fleet and earn from renting out
Target campaign  Location specific Only online (if user use their smartphones) Several Locations (they can see bikes with company logos anywhere ) as bike roam freely as well as online (when they use frekis app , bikes with company logo will be shown on map too. 
Environment Negative  Neutral  Positive ( Provide carbon free on demand transport, increase reusability ) 

Donate a bike or fleet to local operator(s)

If you are interested to donate a fleet or promote your brand via our current fleet then contact us, we can connect you with local TheiShare operators. Here is a list of local TheiShare Operators.

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