Digitize the Shopping trolleys with iShare locks 


Shopping trolley theft/vandalism have become known issue for retailers since long time

Common challenges

❌ In many cases shopping carts are damaged, thrown away, or stolen.
❌ The shopping experience becomes unpleasant.
❌ The brand image gets affected.
❌ Budgets are severely impacted by the very high cost of repairing or replacing the trolleys.
❌ Not offering shopping trollyes in certain locations affects the customer satisfaction and decrease the average basket value.
❌ Use of other unlocking solutions is totally inefficient.


Smart digital locks

iShare Lock 

Digitize shopping carts by installing ishare Locks on Shopping carts. 



Integrate frekis.cloud in your existing app and users can unlock the shopping cart using your own app. 


Key benefits 

  • Users download retailer app which helps retailers to promote new offers
  • Show the latest offers by unlocking the trolleys, it will increase conversion rate as customers are in the shopping area and customers will spend more time in the shop. 
  • Incentivize users with discount offers if they lock the shopping cart at the right place. This incentive will motivate customers to return to shop. 
  • Less vandalism , Less unattended shopping carts as users are getting incentives when they lock the carts at the right place. 
  • As an admin, you can see the utilization of shopping carts, which will help in optimizing the carts, it will give exact numbers of needed shopping carts during peak hours.

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