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Operator subscription

Fixed monthly operator fee

Independent of your revenue, a fixed monthly fee of 800SEK (90USD). No more hidden fees. All revenue of your rental is for you. Easy, clear, no strings attached. As an operator you can:

  • Add and track as many assets as you like
  • Set different pricing models
  • Make publicly available or only for a closed community
  • Rent/share as much as you like
  • Even option to do long term leases e.g. whole month, a year etc.
  • Customise your own identity

Renters register and pay easy & secure

The Frekis app is free for download to all and any renter can just locate your asset and scan it to unlock. A payment is directly processed and the operator will be notified. OBS: Operators can also choose to not publicly share and only within a managed community! As a renter you can:

  • Locate available assets nearby
  • Prebook an asset (if allowed) or just unlock on the go
  • Rent as much as you like
  • Rate assets and track you usage

Want your own logo on the locks?

With every order of at least 100 locks, your logo can be printed for FREE and you will get FREE shipment worldwide. If you are outside the EU then you will be responsible for custom clearance.