Low Carbon On Demand Public Transport

Carbon free on demand public transport with the help of locals

If anyone lives in the suburbs , they have three possibilities if they want to go to the nearest station.

  • Walk 
  • Busses (public transport) 
  • Drive to the nearest station.

Last two options are NOT good environment, Frekis is aiming for “fourth possibility” 

  • Carbon free on demand public transport.

How will this work ?

Any local resident, who wants to make extra income, may buy some second hand bikes , install iShare locks, set price packages like hourly pass, daily pass or weekly pass etc. make these bikes available at the nearest station. Residents of that neighbourhood will download frekis app, scan qr code and choose desired price package. Once the amount is paid, they can use the bike to leave these nearest recommended “digital” parking spots. 

Why is this project viable ?

  • Compared to buses, infrastructure cost is less. 
  • Creating jobs for locals , positive impact on locals. 
  • Environment friendly : Zero Carbon emission ! 
  • Sustainable: Resources are used efficiently. 
  • First /last mile  : No need to wait for buses, simply find the nearest available bike and ride to your destination.
  • As a bike shop owner/operator, promote your own brand in the city.

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