TheiShare locks Initiative #Supportlocal

Start up your bike sharing service to battle COVID-19

We want to help those who are facing terrible economic times. If you have TheiShare locks, you can start your own bike sharing service in your neighbourhood by simply upgrading your account to “Operator“ after your purchased a lock. Riders will pay to you, operator directly via app. TheiShare or Frekis app will NOT take any share in revenue however you need to pay subscription fees 90 USD / month. With this subscription, you will be able to add unlimited assets in your operator acount. Ondemand bikesharing public transport is much better than buses and trains in this pandemic. You will provide healthy and Environment friendly transport alternative in the neighbourhood #localhero 

Due to economic situation, we will charge only 45 USD/month for next Three months. 

Use shared bikes for free!

If you are resident of Stockholm or Eskilstuna and you have lost job due to Covid-19, you can borrow 10 bikes with TheiShare locks for FREE for next three months from us and will help you to run your own bike sharing business in your neighbourhood. 

This would be our small contribution to ease your burden. 

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